Visit of Mr. Apostolic Nuncio of Syria

His Excellency Mario Zenari visited Aleppo

From the 17th  to  the 23rd of  May we  received the visit of His Excellency Mario Zenari, Apostolic Nuncio to Syria. During his stay in this town, he met with the bishops of various rites, visited several neighborhoods and families, he held a meeting with all the enshrined of Aleppo and celebrated the Holy Mass in different churches of the city, all of which he was able to make direct contact with the reality that the Christians in this town are facing.

He shared with the faithful the concern,

the greetings and the

prayers of Pope Francis for the Christians of Syria


He also commented to the faithful that when he sees the Pope he will tell him that while he has seen many destroyed churches, he will also tell him that he has seen the Church very much alive, incarnated in each and every one of the faithful. He said that he was expecting to find small groups of followers in Masses but he found the Churches were full.



That in spite of the suffering and hardship that Christians must face,

it is so touching to hear them sing the Hallelujah

before the proclamation of the Word of God.



The visit of the Apostolic Nuncio has been encouraging to Christians of Aleppo and allowed them to see once again the maternal presence of the Church next to them, the spiritual and material assistance provided to them in these moments of particular difficulty.

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