“if they want to control the flow of refugees, stop sending weapons and buying oil”

“the situation in Iraq is exhausting.”


“It’s been twelve years now that there are about 20 attacks a day. A person goes to the market, and you don’t know if he or she is going to come back alive” tells us Father Luis Montes, missionary in Irak and a priest of the Argentine Institute of the Incarnate Word, who was passing by Spain, thanks to the Church in Need. His agenda in Madrid was abruptly interrupted by the death of his mother at the age of 83. Maria Matka Boska mMontes belonged to his religious family (Servants of the Lord and the Virgin of Matara). She joined the Religious Family when she was widowed at the age of 77. Of her seven children (six still live), three are priests, two of them missionaries in Iraq.
Luis Montes affirmed to ‘Alpha and Omega’ that “the human forces of Iraqis are failing”. “the majority wants to go”. The one and a half million Christians who were in 2003, now are no more than 300.000 in the whole country because they want to leave, admits the missionary.




“There’s naivety.

They think it was going to be all better,

but we already have cases of families

who want to come back”.


Many are settled in European countries and “do not adapt“. Others are living severely in refugee camps, where they also send Muslim extremists who even persecute women who do not wear the veil. We recently received news from one of our families in who is now in Germany. This is happening in the heart of Europe “.
For the priest, the solution would be “that Europe will put pressure on the Gulf countries so that they receive Muslim refugees there. Saudi Arabia pays for the building of  Mosks all over the world, but has closed its borders to refugees “. Another way of ending this situation would be that:


“the West stops sending weapons

to the moderate rebels in Syria.

There is no moderation at all,

they are all terrorists.

If you want to stop the flow of refugees,

stop sending weapons and buying oil “

It’s been two months now that Father Luis Montes left his little parish in Baghdad to take care of the seminar of Erbil, the capital of Iraqi Kurdistan. “there are 17 seminarians. Vocations are essential, because here there are crammed with thousands of refugees who have been suffering this for years, and they lost all hope “.

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