‘we are all guilty of the war in Syria’

For two years Sister Myriam helped and

accompanied persecuted Christians


The Sister Myriam Yeshua was in Aleppo, one of the largest cities of Syria, when the war started.For two years she helped and accompanied persecuted Christians. Today, three years later, she explains how the conflict, day after day, becomes more and more inhuman.
Myriam Yeshua, is a sister of the Institute of the Incarnate Word. She arrived in Syria with only 24 years old. The apostolate that initially seemed “simple” ended up becoming the most painful experience of your life.


“The apostolate that initially seemed ‘simple,’

ended up becoming

the most challenging experience of my life.”

Despite all the difficulties, the missionary explained during a conference in a parish of Madrid, who has lived alongside the Syrian Christians during the war “has been a grace”.

“living face to face with death makes you realise

what really matters in life.”

The conflict came to Syria at the end of February 2011. In spite of the fact that the missionaries of the Incarnate Word had the opportunity to return to their homes, they decided to stay close to the neediest. “the war came when we thought it was impossible, no one was prepared”, Explains the sister.

“There’s no need even to mention the injustice of this war,

where everything is valid,

where no one speaks up,

where no one does anything.”

After five years of conflict, the situation is getting worse. “it is shameful how no one cares about what’s going on. We have to wake up, we can’t look the other way, this can happen to anyone “.

The missionary narrates, very touched by the situation, the fortitude and courage of Christians who live their daily life with martyrial faith, and prefer a thousand times “to lose their life before losing their soul”.

“they have lost everything,

but I still find it hard to find here,

the same smiles that I see there”,

Confesses the sister.

Despite the constant tension that is lived in the city of Aleppo, the endless days without water or electricity, families destroyed and the human fatigue, Myriam points out that, even then, Christians “hold fast to the light of hope”.

“we are all guilty of the war in Syria.

The War is the result of hate,

and if we don’t do good,

or we fall into the indifference,

we are cooperating with it”,

The sister that, over and over again, requests that the blood of Christians killed at the hands of the ISIS don’t fall in vain.

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