Snow in Aleppo

alepo We want to share with you a brief reflection that we had composed a few days ago. We could not communicate it earlier because of the lack of internet connection. Thank you all for your prayers. We pray for you as well.

Yesterday, Thursday, the 10th ofJanuary, it snowed in Aleppo. The sight was wonderful and would have been a sufficient motive for joy in the whole city. But in these circumstances, the snow had an inevitably sad connotation. We have spent many days without power; it is very cold, there are no means of heating, and many people are still living on the streets …
But today, the sun began to shine. And the soft heat that was felt brought warmth to the bodies and also to the hearts. It is the ever new hope that God will not abandon us. Because, even when all seems lost due to the hatred and wickedness of men, He is faithful to make the sun rise again …
Good morning!”

Missionaries in Aleppo

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