News from Alepo

We had disappeared these days because there was a major blackout around Aleppo and we were left without means of communication.
They bombed the power plant that supplies electricity to the whole city.
Four million people were left without power! And the consequences were chaotic: because of the absence of power supply, the cell phone lines stopped working, later the landline phones stopped functioning, and finally the water supply was also cut off… It was raining, and was quite cold; hence the situation was complicated. Also, for cooking and for water heating, we had been using electric stoves. The gas, in a matter of few days, became very expensive (a cylinder which previously cost 400 liras, now costs 6000 liras) and is very difficult to get. In the stores, candles, batteries and flashlights were sold out. When the sun set, around 4:30 pm, the whole city was dark, susceptible to every kind of danger. It was really impressive.

They said that it would take weeks to fix the damage, but thankfully it seems that they are already solving the problem. While we were with the youth, on Friday, the power came back! We thought that because of the situation, only a few youth would come, but instead almost all of them had come! We wanted to send them home early while it was still daylight, but they asked if they could pray the Vespers with us before leaving. While we were in the chapel praying the Vespers … the power was restored! You can not imagine the celebration that it sparked off.They were so joyful that they greeted and hugged each other. We were also happy.

Only parts of the city have regained electricity and telephone (especially the areas where there are hospitals, antennas, the water company, the university campus, etc.) and that not permanently. The few hours that we have no electricity, we take advantage to charge batteries operate stoves and water heaters, to cook, etc… Hence the power lines are overloaded and there is always a voltage drop.

We will keep in touch. If we have power …


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  1. Andrew says:

    Dear Sister, could you sent me your email address?

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