Why do we complain for so many small things?

Today we have electricity after three days of blackout. Because of the bombing, part of an important power plant was damaged and the workers could reach the place to solve the problem because of the fighting – our neighborhood was dark these days. Last week, something similar happened to the water company, but the consequences were more serious because the entire city was without water for a week. It is difficult, especially because we are used to being provided with these services. And we do not appreciate enough such utilities until we are without them!

siria guerra

Three days without power … Then again, there are so many people who are suffering even worse things! Not far from where we are, a few months ago when the summer heat was scorching with full force, a vast area of ​​the city where several of our parishioners live was without electricity for 10 consecutive days. And it was terrible. Consider the simple fact of not being able to drink a glass of cold water, or preserve food from one day to the other, or use a fan to get some sleep … At the start of the war many families had stored food to meet the ever increasing shortage and the inability to go out. But in those days everything went to waste … In the streets, the stores were giving away meat and other products since they were rotting for lack of refrigeration…

It was a blackout lasting several days. And it certainly brought many complications and sorrows. But, what are these when compared to the other sufferings of this sad war? The other day a boy said grimly: “a missile fell on my house. My brother lost an eye and a leg in the blast. And I lost my father, who died bleeding in my arms. “And he simply added: “Praised be God.”

Why do we complain for so many small things?

siria padre hijo

When you feel that the burden is heavy and that you’re suffering too much, think of these people, know that there is always someone who is suffering much more. And you have a duty to thank God every day for each of the thousand small gifts that He gives to those who love Him.

Sister María de Guadalupe Rodrigo

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