Your help is important!

This is the dramatic situation of our mission in Aleppo:

• 1,000,000 refugees only in Aleppo.

• The area of “El Midán” (where we work) is one of the poorest and worst affected areas of Aleppo.

• If there is no help, the Christians cannot remain in Aleppo and must emigrate to neighboring countries.

• Many people have lost their homes or have abandoned them because of the fighting.

• Many families have been victims of theft.

• Health care facilities give priority to Muslims.

• Winter is approaching, and Aleppo gets very cold during winter.

• There are children who are left without a family.

• The green spaces of the city and even the boulevards of the avenues are filled with entire families who sleep outdoors covered only with cardboard.

• In the gardens of the university campus only, there are seven thousand refugees sleeping outdoors.

• Hospitals are overwhelmed. Alongside the wounded patients, there are also those who got sick due to the cold and lack of food.

• The air that we breathe stinks due to the smoke from the explosions, and the accumulated trash, which is no longer collected.

• Day to day there are more kidnappings and threats in exchange for money, which is used to buy weapons (these are not news from the papers — our own parishioners have suffered them).

• The industrial zone on the outskirts of the city has been completely destroyed. Factories and businesses have been burnt, bombed and looted. They were the sources of jobs for thousands of people …

 How Can You Help?

With 250 $ (dollars) per month, we can help sustain a family for a month (accommodation, food, medicine, shelter, etc …).

If it is within your means, please help us; your small contribution is very valuable for us.

God does not let Himself be outdone in generosity!

God bless you.

Fr. David Fernández, IVE (Aleppo – Syria)

PS. For the time being, it is not easy to have clothes, blankets or food be transported to Syria, but we are finding out if it would be possible in the future.

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2 Responses to Your help is important!

  1. Laura Chun says:

    Would you please post a ‘Donate’ link in English? I receive an error in Italian indicating that I’m not formatting my donation (in Euros) correctly. I deeply appreciate what you are doing for our Christian brothers and sisters in Syria and would like to help. Thanks!

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