Visit of Mr. Apostolic Nuncio of Syria

His Excellency Mario Zenari visited Aleppo

From the 17th  to  the 23rd of  May we  received the visit of His Excellency Mario Zenari, Apostolic Nuncio to Syria. During his stay in this town, he met with the bishops of various rites, visited several neighborhoods and families, he held a meeting with all the enshrined of Aleppo and celebrated the Holy Mass in different churches of the city, all of which he was able to make direct contact with the reality that the Christians in this town are facing.

He shared with the faithful the concern,

the greetings and the

prayers of Pope Francis for the Christians of Syria


He also commented to the faithful that when he sees the Pope he will tell him that while he has seen many destroyed churches, he will also tell him that he has seen the Church very much alive, incarnated in each and every one of the faithful. He said that he was expecting to find small groups of followers in Masses but he found the Churches were full.



That in spite of the suffering and hardship that Christians must face,

it is so touching to hear them sing the Hallelujah

before the proclamation of the Word of God.



The visit of the Apostolic Nuncio has been encouraging to Christians of Aleppo and allowed them to see once again the maternal presence of the Church next to them, the spiritual and material assistance provided to them in these moments of particular difficulty.

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Aleppo is bleeding out…


So far, the hardest day of war

lived in the country

On Tuesday, 3rd of May, we lived in Aleppo- all the media agrees to say- the most difficult day of the war during this five years in the country. There were days that the fighting lasted for about 15 or 17 hours without interruption.
Today, Friday, May 6th, we visited some of the families that have suffered the destructive consequences of these past days of fierce fighting. One of them told us:

“a missile fell at our home. My husband took in his arms our daughter of a year and eight months and went down immediately. I followed him and in that same instant, another two missiles fell in the same place where I was standing seconds before. We lost everything; we have nowhere to go. I’m pregnant. We are three families living in a small room; it is impossible to live like this “.

The lady who spoke is 29 years old, and she has cancer. She has already been operated three times. “Since that happened last Tuesday, I still couldn’t have a shower,” she said that showing us the dust of the explosions attached to her clothes.

Another family told us: “we left the house; it was not ours. A family friend of us who travelled abroad lent it to us. The house is in an area where missiles are falling almost continually. Our life is in danger and we have only one daughter of ten years of age. Since last week, we are living in this room where I work as a hairdresser. Our daughter is deaf-mute, and she needs treatment but as of now it is impossible “.



Another person says: “this is our house, it is a small house and extremely poor, but at the same time we keep it neat and clean. We live in this top floor, the most dangerous. We are the only Christian family in this neighbourhood. We want to go to a safer place, but we don’t have any means. My son has epilepsy. My husband has been operated from the heart and has no job. We can’t go outside or look outside the balcony because there are snipers in this street”.


The Last one says: ” I am a widow, I have three daughters. My husband was in the army and died. I have a job in San Vicente, but it is just enough for me to pay for the electricity”. Another young girl, of only ten years of age, said: “I would like to get out of here at least for a year so that I could have a quieter life. It is hard to live here as missiles are dropping every minute”.

The needs are countless:

Food, medicine, clothing,

needs of renting at least a small room where to live.

We can say without exaggeration, that Aleppo is dressed in mourning and has seen run the blood of her children on her streets. Until this afternoon, the city has been paralysed since Tuesday. Most premises were closed, people stayed in their homes, afraid of going out.

However, in this every situation of extreme necessity, we do not hear a single complaint against God, nor resentment or reproach. On the contrary, we have found souls that we can call heroic: they have lost their children because of the war, missiles have destroyed their homes, and yet they visit and help families living in extreme situations.


“Their faith allows them to suffer these afflictions

with great fortitude”


When a missile falls, they go immediately to the aid the victims without thinking that another can fall and catch up with them: they do not doubt in helping others in need, and they do it even as they risk their life.



In the midst of the great pain that we live in these days, we give thanks to God for the gift of these children, Christians of name and fact; they know how to give testimony of their faith with their life.

Thanks again to all those who are praying for peace in Syria and the Christians here. God will reward you generously!

Mary of Nazareth
Aleppo, Syria, may 6, 2016

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“if they want to control the flow of refugees, stop sending weapons and buying oil”

“the situation in Iraq is exhausting.”


“It’s been twelve years now that there are about 20 attacks a day. A person goes to the market, and you don’t know if he or she is going to come back alive” tells us Father Luis Montes, missionary in Irak and a priest of the Argentine Institute of the Incarnate Word, who was passing by Spain, thanks to the Church in Need. His agenda in Madrid was abruptly interrupted by the death of his mother at the age of 83. Maria Matka Boska mMontes belonged to his religious family (Servants of the Lord and the Virgin of Matara). She joined the Religious Family when she was widowed at the age of 77. Of her seven children (six still live), three are priests, two of them missionaries in Iraq.
Luis Montes affirmed to ‘Alpha and Omega’ that “the human forces of Iraqis are failing”. “the majority wants to go”. The one and a half million Christians who were in 2003, now are no more than 300.000 in the whole country because they want to leave, admits the missionary.




“There’s naivety.

They think it was going to be all better,

but we already have cases of families

who want to come back”.


Many are settled in European countries and “do not adapt“. Others are living severely in refugee camps, where they also send Muslim extremists who even persecute women who do not wear the veil. We recently received news from one of our families in who is now in Germany. This is happening in the heart of Europe “.
For the priest, the solution would be “that Europe will put pressure on the Gulf countries so that they receive Muslim refugees there. Saudi Arabia pays for the building of  Mosks all over the world, but has closed its borders to refugees “. Another way of ending this situation would be that:


“the West stops sending weapons

to the moderate rebels in Syria.

There is no moderation at all,

they are all terrorists.

If you want to stop the flow of refugees,

stop sending weapons and buying oil “

It’s been two months now that Father Luis Montes left his little parish in Baghdad to take care of the seminar of Erbil, the capital of Iraqi Kurdistan. “there are 17 seminarians. Vocations are essential, because here there are crammed with thousands of refugees who have been suffering this for years, and they lost all hope “.

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‘we are all guilty of the war in Syria’

For two years Sister Myriam helped and

accompanied persecuted Christians


The Sister Myriam Yeshua was in Aleppo, one of the largest cities of Syria, when the war started.For two years she helped and accompanied persecuted Christians. Today, three years later, she explains how the conflict, day after day, becomes more and more inhuman.
Myriam Yeshua, is a sister of the Institute of the Incarnate Word. She arrived in Syria with only 24 years old. The apostolate that initially seemed “simple” ended up becoming the most painful experience of your life.


“The apostolate that initially seemed ‘simple,’

ended up becoming

the most challenging experience of my life.”

Despite all the difficulties, the missionary explained during a conference in a parish of Madrid, who has lived alongside the Syrian Christians during the war “has been a grace”.

“living face to face with death makes you realise

what really matters in life.”

The conflict came to Syria at the end of February 2011. In spite of the fact that the missionaries of the Incarnate Word had the opportunity to return to their homes, they decided to stay close to the neediest. “the war came when we thought it was impossible, no one was prepared”, Explains the sister.

“There’s no need even to mention the injustice of this war,

where everything is valid,

where no one speaks up,

where no one does anything.”

After five years of conflict, the situation is getting worse. “it is shameful how no one cares about what’s going on. We have to wake up, we can’t look the other way, this can happen to anyone “.

The missionary narrates, very touched by the situation, the fortitude and courage of Christians who live their daily life with martyrial faith, and prefer a thousand times “to lose their life before losing their soul”.

“they have lost everything,

but I still find it hard to find here,

the same smiles that I see there”,

Confesses the sister.

Despite the constant tension that is lived in the city of Aleppo, the endless days without water or electricity, families destroyed and the human fatigue, Myriam points out that, even then, Christians “hold fast to the light of hope”.

“we are all guilty of the war in Syria.

The War is the result of hate,

and if we don’t do good,

or we fall into the indifference,

we are cooperating with it”,

The sister that, over and over again, requests that the blood of Christians killed at the hands of the ISIS don’t fall in vain.

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11061333_10153132082634400_5641081862604777804_nnA reporter came and wanted to photograph this little syrian girl.

She thought the camera was a weapon, so she surrendered.

Looking into her eyes, all I can think of is how much her soul is damaged.

Will life ever do justice to her childhood and bring back a smile to this angelic face?

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The “rebels” say no to truce in Aleppo. Bishop Abou Khazen: powers from outside plan our torture

Aleppo (Agenzia Fides) – The refusal of the anti-Assad forces to humanitarian truce in Aleppo proposed by the UN envoy Staffan de Mistura is “a serious matter” and proves Picture1once again that the Syrian conflict “will not end until all the forces that are fueling it from the outside want to make it last”.

This is how Bishop Georges Abou Khazen OFM, Apostolic Vicar of Aleppo for the Catholics of the Latin rite, considers the refusal with which the groups – including those supported by the West – have rejected the idea of a cease-fire that would allow to bring aid to the population of the metropolis battered by years of conflict. Continue reading

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‘Islamic State’ begins Executing Seized Christians

Terrorists Murder Young Assyrians Fighting to Defend Christian Villages and Families

Terrorist group Islamic State (IS) has started killing hostages seized after it took Assyrian Christian villages in Syria’s Hassake governorate – with reports that around 15 are dead. Continue reading

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